2019 top five most useful Unreal Marketplace assets

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The unreal marketplace has some real gems. After years of working with Unreal Engine I have used hundreds of them. There are few stables which I use on almost every project I do. Here are my 2019 top five most useful marketplace assets.

1 . Ballistics FX

A brilliant effects pack, primarily aimed at shooters but can be used in anything that has explosions. So high quality that I have found myself coming back to it again and again.

Not only is the pack super high quality with 96 impact particles (32 material types with small/medium/large variants) but it also promises that “This pack will make you more physically attractive.”.

I have seen that this asset has been used in some quite high profile games, but it is also being used in the Infinitesimals (now MageGrant funded) his own game that looks just beautiful. Really shows what a small two person team can achieve.

4. Blocking Starter Pack

A simple but incredibly useful grey boxing pack. I have tried other but I always end up coming back to this one. It has all different block that I needed to layout most level I work on, I used it so much now that I have come to just think in 400×400 blocks.

The pack contains 256 Meshes with modular architecture, lights, pipes, landscape mesh, vehicles and buildings.

3. Variable system

This system has been a massive timesaver for me, the ability to reference global variables from anywhere within any blueprint simply and quickly is fantastic. It can definitely be done in other ways that might be better by best coding practices but I find this very useful.

No more casting!!

If you have had much experience casting to get your variables an occasionally get mixed up with similar named one then this is a godsend. Allowing global variables to register in one place and accessible everywhere as objects. I just wish they worked with enums.

2. Blueprints Events system C++

Another one by Out of the box plugins, Blueprint Events system. This one again is so simple and useful, you can create an events objects, then you can trigger this events from anywhere, then you can add an event listener and attach it to any blueprint, this can trigger action when the event is triggered.

Again this is something you could do in multiple other ways, you don’t need this plugin but it’s so simple and clean that it’s worth it.

5. Dungeon Architect

This plugin I cannot sing the praises of enough. Simple put once mastered it makes building massive levels for types of games possible.

As a small indie developer you rarely have enough time to make a lot of levels, netalone large ones this allows you to automate a lot of the work and then just concentrate on small sections that need unique attention.

With this tool I now put 90% of my effort in level building into building a Kit, that then Dungeon Architect turns into hundreds of levels. Check out the show real to see how varied these level can be:

The system has a number of different modes and I am at present mostly using the alpha version of SnapDungeonCreator, this snaps together multiple levels (usually just rooms) in order to create a bigger dungeon. The great thing about this is it overcomes a lot of the limitations that the usually method has. It allows you to go vertically instead of just horizontally and allow you to have more unique throughout rooms.

This can be combined with some clever use of blueprint to create some amazing levels. I swear the combination can achieve results similar to that created by Houdini.

Honorary mentions

Before I finish up this article I’d like to just make a list of other assets that I like but didn’t quite make it to my top 5.


Clever little tool that allow you to connect meshes together to make a prefab that you can just quickly add to levels. Wonderfully useful however I wish it kept the names of the meshes.


Multiple Object Renaming Tool, massive time changes allow you a quick way to rename a large number of objects.

Top Shelf

A very simple plugin that allow you to add your own section to the left hand panel.

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